About us

We’re an innovative Law Firm with new ideas that we believe in passionately. That belief creates a very special culture.



We’re entrepreneurial, because delivering big ideas doesn’t happen by chance. Our whole team is passionate about improving our service. This is our focus and we’re committed to understanding the big things and little things that give our clients and customers a problem and fixing them.

We’re agile because time is precious when you’re determined to deliver change for our clients and customers. That means flexibility, being decisive, and not doing things twice.

We’re ambitious because we want to deliver our goals and we don’t believe in half-measures.

Our business is made up of determined people who care about what we do and because we’re a close-knit team we know we can rely on each other. Our firm’s values are to be ‘Open’, ‘Straightforward’ and ‘Fair’ and we behave this way with our clients, customers and each other. Honesty and respect are imperative to us and we believe we can’t achieve our goals without them. Everyone in our team makes a huge contribution and works hard to deliver. There’s no buck-passing because we take a collective responsibility. It means you can expect us to deliver on our commitments and stay informed. We’re a modern business so we work in a modern way. Our technology is cutting edge and our solutions are creative because we want to deliver new and better ways of doing things. We can’t tell you exactly where we’ll be in 5 years’ time, but we do know where we want to be and we’ll continue to push the boundaries to get there

Our team




James is our Director of Legal Services and oversees all of our advocacy and litigation. James has over 40 years of experience in dealing with both complex commercial litigation and consumer debt recovery for both large and small corporations. James has also acted in many complex and high profile regulatory and litigation cases and is a well-known legal personality and advocate whose expertise is highly sought after. James’ focus is on delivering and developing our bespoke litigation service.




Khurram is a former President of the West Essex Law Society and is extremely knowledgeable in all matters appertaining to compliance and regulation. Khurram has extensive experience in all aspects of debt recovery and in the setting up of compliance, management and audit systems for clients with debt portfolios and is instrumental delivering our client reporting processes. Khurram’s focus is to ensure that in the increasingly changing legal and regulatory environment that we continue to develop and deliver compliance protocols that are efficient, cost effective and transparent.




Ian is a qualified Chartered Accountant with nearly 30 years’ experience both within accountancy practice, business and firms of solicitors. Ian also has around 12 years of experience within debt recovery. Ian is our Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration and oversees all of the Financial aspects of the business and this includes ensuring that the business complies with the Solicitors Accounts Rules, as well as compliance with other Finance and Non-Financial obligations and is a pivotal member of our Management Team and is responsible for implementing our business plan.

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